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57% Hike

Priyanshu Agarwal


Got Promoted from Deep Learning intern at UI/UX Designer

67% Hike

Ayushi Singh

DevOps Engineer

Got Promoted from Deep Learning intern at DevOps Engineer

47% Hike

Ankita Singh

Associate DS

Got Promoted from Deep Learning intern at Associate DS

77% Hike

Yashvi Agarwal

Senior Technology Consultant

Got Promoted for Major incident Manager to Senior Technology Consultant

37% Hike

Ankit Singh

HR Executive

Got Promoted from HR to HR Executive

87% Hike

Suhani Gupta

Ads Specialist

Got Promoted from Digital Content Creator to Customer Support Senior Ads Specialist

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"Mentorsity has truly transformed my career trajectory. The online degree program provided by Mentorsity equipped me with the latest skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the IT field. Mentorsity career program was a Game Changer for me".

Rajat Agarwal

Market Analyst